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Jort Verhage

Hi there! My name is Jort Verhage, I am 17 years old and I have a tremendous passion for entrepreneurship, management and organization. Super nice that you are looking at my site. I would like to tell you a little more about myself and my company De Hofnar.

In recent years I have gained a lot of experience by organizing events, setting up companies and meeting great people. I now use this experience to pursue my passions, ambitions and dreams. I have a tremendous passion for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship gives me the opportunity to bring new ideas to reality, to develop myself and to be of significance to the world. With my company De Hofnar, I represent the voice of young people within companies, governments and educational institutions.

My ambition is to represent the voice of young people as widely as possible. I achieve this by gathering a large network of young people, identifying important information about our target group with them and then meeting with organizations.

My dream is that every young person discovers his or her strength and can fully develop themselves. Within the current education system, young people must become the best version of the system. I help them to become the best version of themselves.

How I give concrete expression to my passion, ambition and dream, becomes clear in my story of De Hofnar.

De Hofnar

I founded De Hofnar a year ago to realize the connection between young and old. I notice that many companies, governments and educational institutions talk about young people, make decisions for young people, but usually do not talk with young people. De Hofnar changes this by putting young people around the table with CEOs, Management Teams and Boards. In addition, we join meetings of government institutions, help develop policy and ensure that we can provide appropriate education to young people.

We are convinced that the connection between young and old is worth its weight in gold. Young people can learn from the knowledge, skills and experience of the elderly. Older people can learn from the open-mindedness, enthusiasm and innovative perspectives of the young.

Therefore, we bring these two groups together in different formats. Consider, for example, organizing brainstorming sessions, setting up a Young Advisory Board, or attending meetings. In addition, we collect a lot of information about our the young people. In this way we can provide companies with the right information to reach, captivate and bind young people. Besides, we can help governments understand the needs of young people, so that they can make policy for this target group. Moreover, we can help educational institutions to develop education that matches the interests of young people, so that motivation of them increases.