Meet us

We, Nathalie Leushuis and Jort Verhage, are delighted to be the (Deputy) Secretaries-General of KOPPELMUN 2019! We coordinate and help out our amazing staff by advising them where needed and making sure everything goes as planned. We will ensure that this year’s KOPPELMUN is a fantastic experience! We are looking forward to seeing you in November!

KOPPELMUN is a Model United Nations conference organized by the Johan van Oldenbarnevelt Gymnasium, who hosted the former JVOMUN, ’t Atrium College and Het Nieuwe Eemland College.
Inspired by the UN aim to cooperate, we decided to join forces. This way, we will be able to exchange more knowledge and hopefully create a very successful conference. With the help of a large team of students, we are working hard to create a fun, educational and unforgettable experience!

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